Thursday, December 8, 2011

Amount to net of government of Fu Ni female shoe of net of government of female shoe of the Ni that amount to Fu amounts to Fu Ni female shoe to get all the time the deep love of broad consumer. "Da Funi " the name originates Greek mythology, so LOGO design of Da Funi used a lot of Greek elements, the love myth of Greek goddess Daphne and Angus Apollo is the theme that Da Funi designs, "I hope each step Da Funi's woman, resembling was to talk about a love, experience a luxuriant play, find even true oneself, so no matter now the girl or it is tomorrow woman, self-confident woman can be in those who amount to Fu Ni lead - the new student is touched. " so can net of female shoe official have Da Funi again what kind of expect? International of the Ni that amount to Fu controls a limited company original name is limited company of group of Yong Enguo border [1] , 1990, have see at Chinese high grade shoe kind the market has giant latent capacity, this group founds to have a brand oneself " Da Funi " , make reach sale daughter to install a shoe kind, make one of China's most successful country brands, obtain for years continuously since 1996 promulgate give best-selling the flourish of domestic product is held. Uptodate, "Da Funi " cent is " D28 " reach " D18 " two old series, cause client is respectively 20 reach the 15 females that come 30 years old to 45 years old. 1995, this group combines exchange limited company formally in Hong Kong advocate board appear on the market (0210[2]) , issue important milestone for this group establish. Have for business diversity and outspread market rate, amount to brand of international of Fu Ni active representative, the foreign brand shoe that introduces diversity for Chinese client kind. 2002, this group is obtained above all " Adidas " Chinese retail authority, open special inn and shop at domestic different area. 2004, active patulous market has Da Funi to lead and add business element, found the 2nd each that suits all sorts of ages and different sexual distinction has a brand " shoe ark " . At present this group already set hundreds " shoe ark " special inn, this group also will continue to enlarge its to sell a network.

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